Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Solution to Dell Laptop Overheating Problem

At WSO2, we have been having this problem of Dell laptops overheating for many years. This led to the failure of many machines as well as reduced battery life. Paul's laptop suddenly stopped functioning, and last week, he found out that the root cause of the overheating as well as all other related problems was dust blocking the fan & vents. After getting it cleaned, his laptop was as good as new.

Sp, a few days ago, I decided to clean the fan & vents in my Dell XPS 1330. It is a very simple procedure. The fan, along with the heat sink has to be removed and then cleaned. I have to tell you, you cannot just get rid of this dust by holding this to a blower. The dust had bonded into something that looked like small pieces of sponge, so there is no way that the dust is going to come out. Actually, I cannot believe how my machine continued to function with all this dust blocking the fan & outlet!

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Equipment required

  1. Small toothbrush
  2. A piece of cloth
  3. Portable hair dryer
  4. Small Phillips screwdriver
  5. Small flashlight


  1. Remove the cover at the bottom. You have to undo 4 small screws.
  2. Remove the fan connector
  3. Remove the 6 screws that hold the heat sink onto the main board.
  4. Take out the entire unit.
  5. Remove the 4 tiny screws which hold the fan onto the heat sink unit.
  6. Marvel at the dust, and wonder how the machine managed to run all this time with all the dust blocking the fan.
  7. Clean out all the dust with the tooth brush. Clean the fan, the grills. You may use high pressure water to remove some of the dust from the heat sink unit & fan blade.
  8. Use the hair dryer to completely dry the heat sink unit & the fan. Make sure that everything is completely dry.
  9. Wipe off all the dust in the covers etc.
  10. Put everything back together.

Caution: Do not try this at home if you don't know what you are doing!

There is a big difference now. The machine does not heat up. Several people cleaned their Dell machines this week, and the overheating problem is gone!
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